Welcome to ChiroEurope, Europe's foremost Chiropractic coaching and seminar program. Since 1997, we have made it our goal to give chiropractors the tools they need to succeed. Whether through our huge, multi-speaker events, our traveling, one-day seminars, our self-development workshops, or through our coaching program, we have served the needs of thousands of chiropractors from around World. *We are here for you.*

For You ONLY this week-ChiroEurope Malaga 23 to 26 April 2015

For You ONLY this week-ChiroEurope Barcelona 3 to 5 October 2014

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For You ONLY this week-Pay for both ChiroEurope Barcelona 2014 and Malaga 2015

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  • Our Seminar program just keeps growing. In Spring we offer the four day ChiroEurope Main Event at a beach resort hotel on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast. This is the famous seminar that is spoken of in Chiropractic circles around the world. Due to popular demand, ...more info

Did You Miss Europe's Largest Ever Chiropractic Seminar?

It's official. 730 from across Europe and around the world came together at ChiroEurope Barcelona. It was huge. You could feel the electricity in the room. We knew we were making history. If you weren't there you missed a major treat, but don't despair. ChiroEurope Barcelona and Malaga are going to be even bigger and better than ever.

We want you there. Join us. Come find out what everyone is talking about.

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You don't have to wait. The Main Event will be returning to Barcelona in October. Want your friends to grow along with you? Want to be part of a community of amazing vitalistic chiropractors? Then join us there and bring your friends.