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    Malaga 23-26 April 2020

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The Kick-Ass Practice: January 31-February 1, 2020. Dublin, Ireland.
Two day intensive for chiropractors looking for the structure and systems to create an ethical, easy, fun and very profitable practice. Click this link to register:

23-26 April 2020. The Main Event.
9-11 October 2020. Unplugged.
22-25 April 2021. The Main Event.
8-10 October 2021. Unplugged.
(All are in Malaga, Spain.)
ChiroEurope is the source of vitalistic Chiropractic in Europe. The birthplace of Europe’s most dynamic, busiest, and most successful practices. This multi-day, multi-speaker seminar is twice a year, Spring and Autumn. We focus 100% on your success. Transitioning from musculoskeletal pain treatment to vitalistic practice or from good to superstar. We help Chiropractors overcome their fears. Of adjusting, of rejection, and of success. We have helped hundreds of chiropractors take it to the next level and all the way to the top. We celebrate what’s right! Safe, effective, ethical, fun, and profitable chiropractic success.

We are a strong, supportive, vibrant brother and sisterhood of warriors and nurturers who are shifting our profession. We are a tribe. We defend the foundational principles of Chiropractic. While others just talk, we get it done.

ChiroEurope is about clearing out the subluxation above atlas. Build your chiropractic muscles, gain wisdom and renew your passion! Make your dream practice a reality.

We respect the right of ALL chiropractors to practice as they see fit as long as it is honest and ethical. At ChiroEurope, we stand for the right to legally and successfully practice primary contact, non-therapeutic, non-diagnostic, vitalistic Chiropractic.

The next ChiroEurope is 23-26 April 2020 in Malaga, Spain. 

Seminar Testimonials

Russel Dean, DC from Spain  russell-deanLast week 128 patients. Average of working week is about 100. Easy. Was even bored. Need more…have plenty of room without even changing my agenda (new one now finalized and will be implemented before 1st April). The Only thing I’ve changed so far is my perception of what is possible. New peak hours agenda all ready to go. Will give me more time off and more patients. This will be implemented in June or earlier. (Update) The numbers from the local Feria at the weekend are in!…. over 300 invitations handed out for discounted 1st visits. (we ran out)…. 112 spinal checks performed…. 50 new patients paid and booked in! These numbers are great, and are twice as good as last year, but the most impressive thing was that; a) I actually spoke less! Just touched their subluxations, demonstrated it on a model, asked them if a pill or cream would change it, and then asked them if they wanted me to help them! b) Last time we were in a bit of meltdown over 24 extra new patients, this time we can handle it easily due to the capacity work we have done over the last 3 months – changing the agenda and hiring a second CA. Thanks Marc Hudson and Lynn McAvenia for the logisitics of part b) and the certainty I have gained for part a) !! 🙂 Now… to deliver excellent service and care to them and convert them from pain patients to wellness patients for life 🙂


Lizette Botha, Chiropractor from Holland  lizette-bothaJust got back into Amsterdam and it feels like everything has changed… I had a massive adjustment above the atlas this weekend. I love how every time I get something complete else from these seminars. One of my CA’s said this morning that she felt spoken to on a chiropractic as well as on a personal level. Our team is on fire and ready to change our community!

Great job Marc and your team! Thank you for all the love!


Geert de Vries, DC Chiropractor  geert-de-vriesThank you very much for the experience and wisdom you shared with us! It is my goal to make this another life changer for me, us and our clinic. Like you say, talk is cheap, it depends upon the action we take upon it!   The last ChiroEurope seminar in Barcelona re-ignited my passion for chiropractic. During the parade of stars someone said to ‘burn like a fire so others will come and see you burn’, that’s exactly what I want to do, I went from closed to open room and my clinic is growing, I am having more fun whilst serving more people!

Once again thank you very much for helping me to thrust through my barriers!

Lots of love!

Oliver Dawson, DC from Spain

Full Of Healing And Hope!

Just back from ChiroEurope, every cell in my being feels full of healing and hope! I love you all, let’s change the world, with love, purity and grace. SO eternally grateful.


Sanna Saastamoinen, CA from Finland

Hi Lynn and Marc, thank you SO MUCH for a great seminar last weekend!

I´ve worked as a CA for seven years and have been to many seminars, where I had heard about chiropractic´s history BUT…it was so great to listen those older chiropractors (Marc I don´t now mean You…) from US talking about how things were 30-40 years ago. (Actually it took me one night to understand the importance of some sessions, but when I realised it on Sunday morning I really got it. And yes, I´m a blonde – it takes a bit longer…) ;o)

I always knew that chiropractic was about helping people, but now I deeply got the love aspect as well. Like Marcelo said it: “Love is not a feeling, it´s an attitude and a tool.”

Since I´m propably the only woman in Finland that is not on Facebook, I was wondering if You could pass me Marcelo´s email address?

With best regards and lots of love,
Sanna Saastamoinen



Sharik Ali, DC from UK  sharik-aliMarc,
I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of the One-Day-Intensive. I want to share one clear difference I noticed the VERY NEXT DAY in practice. I had two people call me up out of the blue, saying they want to start care with me! Not that they are interested; not that they are considering; not that they want to come in as a new patient; they said straight up-“I want to start care!” Two days later the same happens again; another guy comes up to me, saying he needs to start care! Please note, this does NOT usually happen to me…in fact I don’t think that ever has. I have a hard time with getting personal recommendations, and this week was no different- except that I didn’t need recommendations- the patients just called me themselves; just came from nowhere! I hadn’t read over my notes from the event, nor had I changed procedure, script; not a single damn thing. Things just happened.

I used to be a BELIEVER that when the subluxation above the atlas starts to clear, and you start vibrating at a higher level, you start to attract and the universe gives back. I heard many times how things can change for people the very next day in practice and I believed it was possible.

Now, I EXPERIENCED it for myself- and I’d like to thank you for that.
I know there is a long road ahead for me to reach the vision I have for my practice; last Saturday’s One-Day-Intensive was DEFINITELY a step in the right direction. Look forward to the next one. Thank you so much.


Marie McElhinney, DC from Ireland  marie-rosboroughIt was a phenomenal weekend for me. I think my light has finally turned on. I’ve been playing too small for too long. It is time to step up. Passionate empowering speakers, each with a relevant message, and a call to action. I’ve come home knowing that I want to, have to, change and am strengthened by the energy, support and passion for our profession that I felt in our ChiroEurope gathering over the weekend in Malaga.


Paul Ahearn, DC from Germany  paul-ahearnDear Marc, Lynn and ChiroEurope organizers,

I just want to say thank-you for putting these conferences together. I can imagine how much effort and time it must take. My practice, family and myself have benefitted greatly from the ChiroEurope seminars and therefore I think it’s about time I am letting you know how they have positively impacted me.
I have been coming almost every year since 2006, after a good friend convinced me to come along. At that time my practice was seeing about 20 patients a day and I was working 35 hours a week, Monday to Friday. After that first experience I felt an acute change happening in how I looked at chiropractic as well as how I practiced. Over the course of the last 7 years my practice has increased to about 700 patients a week of which I am working 28. Not only have I seen enormous growth in numbers but I feel like I am giving better care as well. I am sure this would not have been possible without the inspiration and information I received from the great speakers at chiroeurope!

A sincere thanks,
Paul Ahearn DC


Nicklas Wagner, DC from Sweden  Amazing seminar! Thanks to everyone who organized it. As always, it was amazing to get recharged, redipped, and reconnected with the tribe. I love this tribe, and I mean really love. This was my 6 th ChiroEurope seminar and The energy, the love and the feeling of connectedness is always amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jans Olde Wolbers, DC from Spain  jahns-oldsJust like to share my experience with you all about the recent Malaga ChiroEurope Seminar in Spain… This was my 5th ChiroEurope and I have to say that this was the best one for myself and Kate. It was the perfect balance between, inspiration, practice building strategies and fun that I have had at a seminar so far. All the speakers were fantastic and every session was just jam packed with great stuff that I will start using straight away.

What made it even better was I have come back not only feeling full of new ideas but also recharged and reconnected with my chiropractic friends and family. The downtime and funtime in the sun made it a great get away as well.

Thanks to Marc Hudson who did a great job and was super chilled out and not to mention Lynn McAvenia for all her work in the background.

If these seminars keep getting bigger and bigger like they have been then I have hope that vitalistic chiropractic will not only survive, but thrive…


Marcus Liebling, DC from Germany  Really inspiring weekend and a great time with old and new friends. Despite no sleep and arriving home at 4am this morning due to plane diversion I had a really energetic and totally on-purpose day with my patients making bigger changes in a shorter time.



Myriam Arias Elguezabal, DC from Spain  myriam-arias-elguezabalThank you to everyone involved in the creation of this amazing event! I got so inspired and refocused on my purpose in life. When I came home, I had one of my best days in practice ever turning the Power On!! Thank you! ChiroEurope seminar IS THE DIFFERENCE!


Tobias Kadow, DC from Germany  tobias-kadowThank you to all who made this magic event possible and happening! I really got inspired and the changes in my practice are already taking place! I loved the spirit and the energy and I’m really looking forward to October! See you then…
Hugs and kisses!


Michael Stroh, DC from Sweden  michael-strohLike so many of my friends and collegues out there, I’ve heard a lot of good and bad stuff about ChiroEurope but this is no doubt – THE BEST chiropractic weekend I ever had. Never before have I been so uplifted and felt such a purpose as a Chiropractor. And never before have I felt so sad that i could not pratcice in my office monday morning.
I am so thankful that I was a part of this.
Thank you Marc, see you soon and all the rest, see you in November,
Michael aboard the Synapse


Liisa Rahkamaa, Chiropractic Student from Spain  liisa-rahkamaaAs a future student in BCC, Malaga was my very first Chiro seminar and all I can say you are all amazing!! I could not have a better start to my chiro career than being with you guys those 4 days listening to your stories and feeling the love that you share. Beautiful and really inspiring! I’m so happy that I have finally found people that share the same mindset and dreams with me to make the world a better place to be. So let’s spread the Love and Make Vitalistic Chiropractic Mainstream ;o)


All our events:

23-26 April, 2020: ChiroEurope Unplugged in Malaga, Spain.

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Coaching Program

Our coaching

Give Us One Week, and we’ll Give You Your Dreams. We are not offering the group coaching program for 2020, but we are accepting a few select DCs for private coaching sessions at our house and practice. If you are interested, contact us.

Why Are We The Best In Europe?

Because our clients are doubling and tripling their practices in a few short months. And that’s because our program is unique. No other coach can offer this program. We have distilled over 20 years of successful, high volume practice into a powerful program that will get you where you want to be in just one short year.

Does ChiroEurope Coaching Get Results In Any Country? 

Most definitely, YES. We have coached chiropractors across Europe to achieve their dream practices. We have years of experience living and practicing in Europe. These are techniques and strategies developed right here in Europe. This is not silly American rah-rah, that might work here, but regardless is culturally insensitive. We have a proven track record of building, and teaching others to build 100% internal referral, high volume, ethical practices.

What Is Our Secret? 

We don’t force you into a one-size-fits-all program and hope for the best. You design and create your unique dream practice–your ideal of success, whatever that means to you. Each program is customized exactly to your specific needs.

Do you want to have more fun in practice? We can do that.

Do you want to double or triple your practice? We can do that too.

Do you want to halve your time in the practice without cutting your income? Yes, yes and YES!

Whatever your dream, we can help you achieve it.


What Results Can You Expect? 

Our coaching clients start to see results from the very first day. Some double their practice in just six months. Others reduce their hours while increasing their number of visits.

Ask yourself this–Did your patient visits double in the last six months? They might have done, if you had been coaching with us.
That’s just one of the things we teach you to do. But it is not about chasing numbers. The numbers are just a reflection of service and dynamic growth. What is going on in your practice?

What Can You Expect When You Sign Up For The Program? 

Initial Consult Before The Coaching Starts
You will complete an extensive questionnaire, covering all aspects of your practice life and your specific personality. You will have a phone consult with Lynn who will give you insight into how your personality impacts your practice and how to use your particular strengths to achieve success. (Please be aware, Lynn’s analysis is unique in the Chiropractic world. You will never receive her detailed, personal information from any other program or person ever. Never.)

Who is eligible for private coaching?
Private coaching is only open to graduates of Inner Winners, the Bon Lloc Mastery program, Vital Experience, or the Student Vital Experience.

The next Vital Experience is 2020. Dates to be announced.

How Much Does It Cost?


How Do You Sign Up? 

Because of the intensely personal nature of our coaching program, we can only take a limited number of clients each year. If you are interested contact Marc or Lynn for more info. If you are ready for massive change, take the first step. Contact us for more info.

Give Us A Week. We’ll Give You Your Dreams.

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Coaching Testimonials

markus-kuhlmannHi all! I only worked two days last week but implemented changes right away Monday morning. less chatting, strongly focusing on being there, efficient, open, loving and effective. results. I had two amazing days adjusting (XXX) people altogether, was in and out quickly, had time to plant mind-seeds, waiting time went way down to approx. 5-10 minutes. Patients loved it, staff was wowed and more changes to come, I will make it mandatory for patients to attend class within 2 weeks of starting care. I’m also making definite plans for even more efficient opening hours, etc. It was a true pleasure meeting all of you and thank you again Marc and Lynn for putting this together. I´ll be back!

Hello! Last week we had our best week in a long while. We have been seeing steady growth since last November’s Inner Winners. Personally I had a really stressful week outside of the clinic, so to have a record week under such circumstances was great. The challenge for me was keeping my energy up and be loving and present with people. This week coming I am expecting more improvement in the clinic. I have started asking patients for referrals and it has become suddenly much easier, especially when you ask them genuinely who could benefit from chiropractic, rather than asking out of hope or desperation. I also did my first health class in Spanish (with some translation) and it was encouraging to see this (one) patient really get the chiro message and want to bring in her daughter and a friend as a result. This week I have the big goal as xxx and 8 New Patients, in a shortened week because of a public holiday, (and with my CA on holiday). I am looking forward to the challenge of getting there.

hester-theobold-pottsI wanted to let you know how much your coaching and seminars have helped me.  It has been awhile since I have seen you. I have 2 boys now-both wonderful home-births and I know that being surrounded by some of the seminars/people/information you brought to Spain and the UK helped in having such awesome birth experiences.

The coaching program changed my life. I have been able to be away from the practice for extended periods of time and it is still running well and is profitable.  I was able to take 6 months off after having my first son and then go back part-time.  In November last year I moved to Canada for my husband’s job and my UK practice is still doing amazingly well (they had the second busiest month ever in May).  I have an awesome team, which is why I have been able to do this. Of course, you guys taught me how to hire the right staff and create a good team culture.  I am currently enjoying time with my family in Canada while managing the UK practice from overseas. Life is good.

I am writing this looking out my window at the leaves changing beautiful yellow and orange colours, definitely my favourite season here in Canada.  I’m so very grateful to you guys for helping me in the early days of my practice so that I can experience this…..one phone call with Marc that totally transformed my practice which he may not even remember was after the first day of my first external promo…I signed up 0 clients that day!  After a 5 minute conversation with Marc I realised I was talking too much and not connecting with people.  He told me just to simply tell people ‘I would be happy to help you’…..I signed up 50 people over the next 2 days.  We have set external promos that we do every year now, they are always a huge success based on what Marc told me that day 🙂
Thank you so much for all that you do. Keep up the great work.



It’s really amazing to see what is happening to all of us. Every member of the mastery is growing, everybody goes over personal borders, success is all around. Small steps here, fucking big ones there, but all together there is just one direction : up to the new personal highs.

So much energy!

Yesterday night I worked on the written part of the new clinic homepage until 3o’clock in the morning. I was so clear, it was so easy to tell the story, the words came directly out of my heart. This morning Mel saw it, agreed and that was it. The biggest part is already done ( some parts are from friends, some I changed , some I wrote complete new )

My old and my new homepage speak both about chiropractic and subluxation, but they are total different . ’cause I’m different. And my homepage is like a mirror which says what’s inside me.

Marc and Lynn :Today I thought about my first Bon LLoc, firewalk sweatlodge and so on, the growing until the second one and the unbelievable change from January up to now. I think, if I paid the money for the one year mastery, it wasn’t like paying a bill. It was more doing an Investment with the result of an extraordinary large profit. And this profit is not just about money.


Sandro Petralia, DC from Germany sandro-petralia

My first goal for the coaching was 200 patient visits per week till Chiroeurope in Malaga. And now is the week before Chiroeurope and i had 230!!!
Marc and Lynn, you are one of a kind. I am blessed for being part of this awesome coaching group. You opened your house and your hearts for us. You showed us all you got and shared everything you know and everything you are – for showing us how far we can go and how big we can be. It touches me how you both are giving absolutely all your love to this profession and all your love for us. It is also amazing. to see how all my brothers and sisters in this group grow every day. I have to say that I have been practicing for 8 years and one year ago i was seeing 25 patients per week! Thank you so much! Love you all!

Malte Mittermeier, DC from Germany malte-mittermeier My vision was like: “I want to grow big in practice“ and my problem was that I didn´t know HOW. I felt that I needed guiding hands. And I found some. When Marc announced the coaching program during the ChiroEurope seminar in Barcelona 2014 I knew they put that up just for me, time was just right!

What happened so far? The most important thing for me: I got structured.

I set my goals in numbers so I have it clear in my mind´s eye and I learned in detail what it takes to achieve it. I changed (and still work on that every day) my way of being the boss in practice. I changed almost every practice procedure (opening hours, health talk, first visit, report of findings, etc.). I work on getting a deeper connection to my Innate and the patient´s Innate in the adjustment every day.

The most astonishing outcome for me: I see more people in less time and it is EASY and FUN! This last week was wonderful: almost twice as many patients than average last year!

Why did and does this happen: Because Lynn and Marc are wonderfully creating a loving and inspiring atmosphere so you instantly feel part of the family that we are. They share who they are and what they know. Everything. The gatherings are so uplifting and motivating, everybody is so excited – it´s contagious! Your energy level rises and you can´t wait to get into practice to use it.

I have so much more work to do to make my dream come true, but I see the goal AND the way how to get there.



About Us

Marc & Lynn

Marc Hudson with his wife Lynn McAvenia are the head and heart of ChiroEurope, Europe’s best seminar and coaching program. Together, they have helped hundreds of chiropractors achieve unqualified success since 1997 through seminars and individual coaching across Europe and beyond.


Marc Hudson

Marc graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in the US, before returning home to Europe with Lynn in 1994. He established his practice on the beautiful island of Mallorca and continues as a working chiropractor. He adjusts patients every day in what is one of Europe’s busiest practices. He is past president of the Spanish Chiropractic Association and is a long time member of the Board of Directors of Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the developer of the Hudson’s Hierarchy of Chiropractic Success. His health talk has been copied and translated into more than 15 languages and is used daily in chiropractic offices on every continent. As an inspirational chiropractic speaker he is in demand around the world.


Lynn McAvenia

Although not a chiropractor, Lynn is proud of her honorary title of “Mother of European Chiropractic.” She is an expert on the efficient running of the chiropractic office and also on the role of individual personality in successful practice. She has 20 years experience in mentoring chiropractors, chiropractic students, spouses and staff. She teaches meditation and is both a fire walk leader and a sweat lodge leader. She is a founding member of Circle of Fire, an non profit organisation empowering women in chiropractic and raising money for children in the Third World.

Marc and Lynn were co-founders of Barcelona Chiropractic College. One of their greatest personal achievements was to raise and donate 1.5M Euros to establish the school. Their joint mission is to champion Vitalistic Chiropractic, making it available across Europe.